tough cookie

Times have been really tough lately but the news I received a few hours ago just sealed it all. Forget my other worries, this one’s the ultimate. Pa, please be well. 


okay, alright

If I have to choose one thing that bothers me, one thing that I fear the most, is that I’m not enough.

Well ain’t that vague.

I know firsthand I’m not entirely pleased with myself but I’m working on it, really, self-love is something I’m not giving up on. I yearn for it so much. Trust me, that has been one of my goals since four years ago. But the fear of not being enough for anyone else is what tears me apart too. I just want to be someone that brings joy to the people I love and is it selfish to say I want it to be reciprocated? I think that’s a problem I have; some things don’t need to be given back, self. Some things you just have to give and give because that’s how it works. I care for some people too much that it takes a toll on me.

But all in all, I don’t regret anything. In fact, I’m going to continue. Risks. Life. Bound to happen. Greatly associated. Lessons can be obtained. I’m going to be okay, alright.