not going to crawl back

Things were so different this time last year. I was the happiest I had been in years, or so I thought. A year later and I think I am happier because I realize there isn’t a ‘happy person’– there’s no one who can lift my spirits up instantaneously like I do. I’m the only one who can fix myself. I am finally free; all the thoughts that dragged me down, all the responsibilities I wanted to put myself through that did not revolve around independence, all the things that were unconsciously harming me more than building me.  I was blinded by such rash behaviour and I now know better. I’m so excited to start becoming even more self-reliant. I’ve filled up my time and will be extremely busy starting from this August. Going to be surrounded by people I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. Going to focus on me, myself, and I. Going to work harder to achieve my goals.

If you intend to stick around, I’ll be more than grateful. If you want to pop by and say hi, I’d love to reciprocate. In the mood to make more friends, expand my social circle, while at the same time not opening up so easily. I’m content with the ones I have right now but there’s no harm in getting to know more people, right?

It may already be the second half of the year, but… to a new beginning.



You know why sometimes when you’ve already given your heart and soul, when you’ve made a big promise, when you’re sure you’re going to be dedicated, when you say the right things, when you reassure the other party and those are still not enough?

Because the other party doesn’t see it like you do. The other party isn’t moved, isn’t convinced, isn’t all set for such a huge responsibility because he/she simply just can’t care less. To put it harshly, your words mean nothing.